Monday, February 13, 2017

Poem for The Poet

Oh, great Gods and Goddesses of Love and Light
How I admire your pure might
And how you twist and weave the web of life
As you deliver your Daughter from strife.

What did I do to deserve to be so blessed?
I thought I was being bad, so stressed.
Now, everything I am has validation.
As I adventure with somebody full of deadication.

For how many years did I gaze up wishing
To meet the partner for my witching?
Just as I began to think my search was all for naught
Ye provided the man that walked in, and my heart was caught.

Each and every morn that I arise,
I revel in staring in his eyes
Constant disbelief of my answered pleas
Finally are giving way to just simple ease.

Ye have enriched my life and opened the doors
For me to sweat the hurts out of my pores
Im reeling in bliss and and have started healing
Ha! I almost can’t handle all the joy I’m feeling

So, now I’ve given ye all appreciation
I now ask for a continuance of this situation
Where my partner and I treat each other as devine
And dance out our life in the silver moonshine.

Please help me to always treat him right
Even when I deem him wrong, according to my sight
Help me to always worship him as a temple
And for us to lead others by our example

Allow us together to pave a new way
As we stand strong with others to brighten this day
And define america’s new joyful peaceful zeitgeist
So that no longer the people have to go through terrible sacrifice.

May we always charge each other up like a battery
And always brighten others’ days with flattery.
May our voices commingle, pure and strong
As together we create this, our Life Song.

Monday, February 6, 2017



Oh, how nice to see you it is,
This past year's gone by like a whiz.
And finally all our talk's come to fruition,
Maybe now I can accomplish my mission.

Lovingly have we embraced before,
And then off I went upon my tour,
State by state I hitched Further away
When oft you told you'd hoped I'd stay.

At this my heartstrings did feel pull,
As my mind did mull
How could this wish
Be made accomplish?

I needed resources and skills,
So as to align our wills
Perfectly so as to match -
Red lines join our hips as a sash.

Never have our lives been so close -
But I fear someone dear finds us gross -
Yet my heart skips in looking at
Your Self which is quite all that.

As you climb into our white
Horseless carriage, all shiny and bright
I yearn to be far away with you,
Laying out underneath a sky so blue.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Ripples into Waves of CHANGE!

The flows and changes
Look as ripples to me now.
I have observed my life pass through flames
Of purification as sprouts of seeds I sow
Begin to sprout, up and out.

I really only need worry of my own fidelity
And leave all over which I've out of folly raged.
Sunlit golden leaves provide serenity,
As the soul's fire blazed,
Purging the old, flying out of the mould.

My focus gazes upon the smaller steps
So that later I may fly.
I realize now to see the sidesteps
To achieve dreams in stead of fail this time I try.
Soul will reach higher, out of the fire!

The foundation is quickly being laid
So all my pieces may fall into place.
I evict negativity while soul strings are played,
As my inner strength I come to face.
I lay in trust, and try leading in what's Just.

Everyday I continue to strive
To walk the Higher Walk
In life and keep the Hope alive
That gone will be simple Talk
Of achieving Bliss, dispelling Ignorance.

We must face these difficult times,
Not as simple wisemen on the hills,
But among masses, breaking paradigms
With our Living Truth so out it loudly spills!
Do you hear Mother's tourtured cries; over all the lies?

Tears have already been shed times over
About her being destroyed by greedy evil Legions.
How can we shine brighter?
I think we can now see through desperate illusions
Of silly separation, for true action.

In this, I open new doors in Quest
Of making it come to fruition
My dream of simply not being a guest
In watching Her destruction.
Vote with dollars if we must! Support farms of the just!

Small ripples coincide into waves,
As together we manifest our Reality.
The conscious mind for me saves;
Provides me ways to subtly change society.
Every good deed shown transfers what you've known.

Much better than this mindless fighting
They've got us controlled with.
I feel my inner fire lighting
As with Light we can smith
A new Life, above strife.

This dream set forth,
May it settle, take seed
Become some true north
For evolution's new breed
Towards a better love, for all Creation, below and above.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

F.A.M.I.L.Y. (incomplete)


Far above the valley I walk,
My ears sense the mystical flutes
My brain conjures scenes of deities amongst rocks,
And to the whole world my Radiance shoots.

Amongst the Sauragos my feet stride
My eyes glimpse the deep shadows fade,
I use the Dawn as my guide
To lead my soul out of the Shade.

Making sure to properly glorify the day,
I took note of how the colors were painted
And warbled with the birds my praise,
Then shared this Beauteous news with those I'd been acquainted.

In complete Fool's confidence, I forgot
How I'd accidentally made those I loved upset
And what effect some of my words had wrought.
So, of course I had to fret.
Watching you walk away,
Across the desert from me, to stay,
The already shattered heart breaks,
And it burns in your wakes.

The sun sets, the fire dies,
And  I'm drowning in your lies.
The lyrics of your mind haunt,
Jolting me to warble your song as  I jaunt.

From afar I watch ye run,
Gallivanting wild and free, having fun,
"Let it be, my last request tosee,
True happiness... In your eyes,
Just searching for, the Sunrise for more."
Resounds around in my head,
I lost all bitterness t'wards you in stead.

Happy for you,I moved forward as well,
Got lost a bunch and had to roll with the swell,
Of the seas of life and when struck with strife,
I tried to feed your soul and remind ye of  Life.

Then you walked your own path,
And I was happy to read your laugh.
How I loathe myself for not heading your way
To see your Festie hey day.

"Life" has torn me from "priorities"
And refocused my energies
Towards paltry endeavours
That only push my buttons and pull my levers.

This new year brings resolutions
To live my Life's solutions,
Spend time with my loved ones,
And for my own tools raise funds.

Moon Prayer (incomplete)


The moon hath shown
So bright and pure;
She's brought forth my own
True, divine allure.

Each day I awake,
Raise my intentions to make,
And align my Self to face
The time of each day with Grace.

Running across other souls,
I hear the mantra echoed
As we strive towards similar goals,
Hoping to have peace on Earth bestowed.



The blessing I send,
They keep flowing, flowing.
It's in my will that I bend,
Light is growing, its showing.

Future bright with prospect,
May we all take glorious flight
And base all works on respect
As we press forward, no end in sight.

For its high time to take the responsibility
Of our creation of the world around us,
Start truly living in tranquility.
This I muse on a creaky bus.

"When will these dinosaurs loose grasp
Upon the mass of society?!"
We stand up and seemingly rasp -
It's time to give up trying to change quietly.

Be loud in your actions for Love and Light!
Live every moment with intention for higher good,
And the proof of the pudding will shine bright!
But, seemingly, this is all apparently understood.

"Then why do we live amongst such angst and pain?"
The struggling dreamer gnashes teeth and screams.
No good ever came from denying strain,
And its hard work to create reality from dreams.