Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Thoughts

Spring blossoms open up like mandalas
While the world’s emotions catch on cleansing fire
We fight  feeling like impalas
As we stare into the eyes of preadators who aspire

To kill this bounteous Mother, Earth
Sucking dry the energies of whom gave birth
To this wonderous opportunity
To live in peace, happy and free!

As we weave new tales with friends and lovers
Rolling through the storms and waves life wrought
May our hearts grow strong and recover
From the unwitting strife attachments brought

As the silver linings paint rainbows in the sky
May we be inspired to shine Light far and wide
Let us all support each other up
So we can join against evils like Trump

Sometimes we fall prey to distraction
Even as people come together to heal one another
May we all get better at weaving together intention and action
So instead of feeling grey we are always painting life with colour

As spring courses through the world like a river
May we emulate all great caregivers
Leading by example our tribe into a better world
In which all our beauties become unfurled

We have to show the greedy ones the better way
And divided we fall, we cannot let ourselves
Break down as we usher in this Golden new day
To progress infighting repels

As we come to a point where we to the Earth amend
May we also interpersonally mend
All wounds wrought in the times of darkness and fear
Because a better world together could be near.

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Awaking to the patter of raindrops on the roof
Head smashed in from that Jameson 40 proof
I rush around the sleepy town for a place to pee
As I contemplate my life and why I can’t hang free

I sat all night at a tiny party
The company was jovial, laughs hearty
I could not seem to crack a smile
I just coped, feeling anxious all the while

Perchance it’s just depression
I hope I didn’t pass off the impression
Of superiority or a lack of interest
I hope I can still make friends even though I’m distant

So oft I feel bereft of life
In this world so grey and full of strife
But we desperately need to be charged, with joy
So that we can rise up and make oppressors our toy

But my candle-flame still flickers
As I watch others fill with liquors
I contemplate my existence
And plan how to do resistance.

But will any of it come to fruition?
I feel like I’m in constant addition
Of projects, dreams, goals, desires
How will I ever be all that I aspire?

And what of the wounds of the heart?
How and when will the healing start?
It’s causing me to get more and more bitter
But I must press forward… am I a quitter?

But on rainy deluge days like these,
I’ve got to stay distracted and appease
Whatever deamon makes me feel less worthwhile
Than all this capitalist shit in a pile.

I close my eyes and resist the urge to pray
For not another long drawn out day
For the period of never-ending sleep
So that I might not have to wake and weep.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blues Reverie

I heard you in the car today.
The song twisted and sang blue grey.
The guitar strummed through my heart
And time stood still as I felt you, though we be far apart.

A passing soul pauses the thought
To inquire if I am deep in worry.
I turned and directed to fear naught
Though my view grew blurry.

Mind’s eye painted memories whole
Of us staring deep into one another – one soul
Entranced in a jive-inspired dance
It will possibly be the best of my time, perchance.

Thank you for risk-taking with me
I had no idea I hadn’t cleared the thicket of thorn
That had wrapped around this heart’s debris.
Have I added scars, I mourn

Into the night the car speeds forward
On and on we must continue toward
A better way of being, communicating
Instead of spreading negative feeling, making fleeing

Needed in this already grey-scale world.
Opening up about this newfound project
To others I saw wisdom hurled
And to none could I object.

May it be the beginning of a castle
Of silver linings, across the sky, ample
With which to paint a glorious new dawn sky
Maybe even finally reach stage of butterfly.

Waves of contemplation overcome what would be actions
Please help me to shirk Atlas’ burden divine
Let me mend harm wrought from my reactions
As  we constantly strive to positively redefine.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How You

As I listen to your beauteous song,
My soul just has to go and dance along
And I smile at you, my Love
And wonder how you came to join me from far above

You love me when I’m mad,
You paint smiles on my mouth when sad.
I cannot fathom how this happened
But grateful I am – it’s better than I ever imagined!

Cat’s got my tongue as I stumble around
Making unintelligible sound
As you pour your love into me
You open my eyes to truly see

How to be positive when facing struggle
How to prepare for the future rubble,
How I’m gorgeous even though I’ve got problems
How to transform out of this Autumn

And into the beautiful breezy butterfly
That within this scarred cocoon lies
Awaiting with bated breath its unfurling
That’s only possible with this healing

You have provided me this divine space
You help me climb to a higher place
You throw blessings around everywhere
You constantly show all you care!

In case you don’t know why I feel
So passionately for you – it’s cuz you heal
As you gracefully through life flow
And make the world around you grow.

We CAN fill each others' cup!

Every rose has its thorns.
I’d like to simply be an angel
But many a time I wear horns.
When stress blinds, I’ve got to be less painful.

The preciseness of my words are lacking
As I struggle for cohesiveness
I fear my goodness is a –slacking
When I find myself in lower consciousness.

Life can be such a crazy ride,
The coaster rolls up ‘n’down ‘ n’ round
I hope my imperfections slide,
As I climb up to a higher sound.

I know naught how my energy
Ebbs and flows, or even why
But if I can conquer the dark & lethargy
I know I can soar high!

Apologies are in order to loved ones
For the effects of my stresses.
I promise to fend “IT” off as it comes
So that my tongue merely blesses.

It is ever increasingly important
To always put forth Good
As we raise eachg other above the Discordant
To bring Love and Peace to the hood.

We all must rise, Up, UP!
Break our mental, emotional, physical chains!
We can fill each others’ cup
As we move from dependence on governance to brains.